Columban Values

Supporting us through uncertain times

Our Core Values

Columba 1400’s six core values – Awareness, Focus, Creativity, Integrity, Perseverance and Service – are at the heart of everything that we do. They frame our approach to everything we do and offer a guide for values based leadership. Here Columba 1400’s Founder Norman Drummond introduces each Columban value and brings it to life.


Leaders understand themselves, their thoughts and feelings. Leaders have an understanding of those around them and what is going on within them. Leaders understand their environment and how to navigate their surroundings. 


Leaders understand what is important and where to focus their time. Leaders can build consensus that enables others to understand this too. They bring others to a similar understanding. Like a laser pen, leaders can focus on the critical information in front of them.


Creativity is often associated solely with artistic ability. We see creativity as thinking about things differently and solving problems ahead by generating action. ‘A vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.’  (Japanese proverb)


Integrity is the cornerstone of any trusting relationship. The power of keeping your word goes beyond being conscientious. Keeping your word makes you worthy of trust.  There is no greater power that a leader can possess than the trust of those around them. What you say and you do must be aligned for leaders who act with integrity. 


No matter how many times a leader gets knocked down, they get back up.  Leaders stay the course when others may have given up. They continue to apply themselves against resistance and tragedy and support others to do the same. 



Leaders want to serve their teams, their organisations and their communities. Leaders want to contribute to something bigger than themselves and they can do this by serving themselves. Leaders can serve themselves by looking after their own wellbeing in order to serve others in their role.