Think of yourself positively 

We all have days where things don’t seem so bright, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, all we need as a reminder of just how amazing we are, and things don’t seem so bad. This exercise might just be that pick- me-up we need today!

Ok! So what next?

Now you’ve watched the introduction, and taken a moment to just stop, think about how you feel, and tell yourself it’s ok to feel that way, it’s time for the boost! Check the video below and pause it whenever you need to.¬†

Jim Howe


This exercise is something I have used myself, because we all have “those days”. ¬†

Sometimes things get a bit too much, or it just seems like we need a bit of space and to find something to make us smile. That’s O.K – we all need to stop sometimes and take a moment..

This exercise is something fun, and I hope it will remind you of something very important- you are amazing. I hope you enjoy it!

More resources to give yourself a boost

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