Small Things Matter

Don’t underestimate the power your everyday actions can have. We’re going to look at a great example from a man called Drew Dudley who found out that a small thing he did created a hugely positive effect on other people’s lives. He calls these moments ‘lollipop moments’. 

What are lollipop moments?

Sit back, relax and take a look at this video first.

How can I find my own lollipop moments?

Here’s Jim to explain how

Ok! So what next?

 Can you think of a lollipop moment? A time when someone else’s or your own small action had a big impact?

Now consider some small, everyday things, that you can do, who they will benefit and how. Don’t worry if you don’t know for sure, it’s all about identifying the potential impact that you could have.

You can draw a table like this on a piece of paper to complete it with your own ideas-

Column 1: What is the everyday action you can do?

Column 2: Who benefits from this?

Column 3: In what ways do these people benefit?

Jim Howe


What I love most about this is how much it helps us to see the power we have to make things better.

All around us, things are happening that we can’t control, and that can get a bit much. Maybe we even feel powerless sometimes.

This exercise reminds us that not only is it OK to accept there are things we can’t do anything about, but also it reminds us that there are so many things we can do.

The beautiful thing here is the reflection part When you remember small things other peope have done for you and how it made you fell, you can realise that you can do something similar and give them that same feeling.

One thing you might like to read after this is about the “helper’s high”; the positive boost we get from helping others. I hope you enjoy your lollipop moment!

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