Bits & Bobs

This is a quick game, which can be played with those at home, but also over video chat with friends! It really does get your creativity flowing, and can be played again and again in different ways. 

How do I start?

Set a timer for 3 minutes. Pick a letter of the alphabet (eg, P). You have the 3 minutes to collect as many items as you can that begin with that letter. The person with the most items wins the point.

Ok! So what next?

Set another 3 minute timer! Select one of the items that you have collected and come up with as many purposes as you can that the item could be used for (if you chose a pan, it could be a hat, a drum, a mousetrap etc). The person who comes up with the most gets a point (the sillier the better). 

And finally...

Set a 2 minute timer. Swap items. See how many other purposes that you can come up with for that item that the other person didn’t name. The person with the most gets the point.

Rebecca Low


I love this game! You can have so much fun in just 10 minutes, and even a bit of exercise as you run about the house collecting stuff. 

The funniest thing can be when your family see you scrambling around to collect random objects with no explanation!

Yes, this gets our creativity going, and gets a bit of oxygen and energy to the brain to make you feel better, but most important of all, it will make you laugh.

I hope you enjoy it!

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