Assessing Yourself to Create Goals 

To get where we want to go on a journey, we can first look at the tools and resources we have to get there. In this case, we are looking at ourselves! What are our strengths that we can work with and build on, and what areas can we improve? This session sets out how we can ask those questions, and what we can do with the answers. 

A video introduction

First things first! Have look at the video before you get into the exercise. 

Assessing your skills regularly is vital, this tool can support you to create personal goals as well as support your current situation with friends and family. Knowing your strengths and weakness means you can tailor the experience to you; allowing you to use your best skills as well as work on those you feel need work. Below are 8 critical soft skills that may help you see what areas you are strong in and those that you want to improve in to help you personally. 

Instructions: Rate how good you are in each area by marking an X on the spoke of the wheel, the closer you are to the center = the weaker you are at this, further away = the better you are  

Or – rate yourself in each area from 1 – 10. Be kind, this isn’t a way to criticise yourself, just a way to see what areas you would like to work on. 


Jim Howe


Struggling to feel really  productive during lockdown? That’s ok, we are after all adapting to a new normal during a global pandemic after all, so don’t be too harsh on yourself. This content is just a couple of suggestions if you do feel the need to do something new, add a little variety to your day or try to set goals to improve yourself. 

If you’re anything like me, thinking of something to do doesn’t necessarily mean that mean that you will do it. Ellen Degeneres does a great job of describing the struggle of being a great procrastinator. Have a look in the video below, for a light-hearted start to the session!

More resources to reflect

Would you like to do more like this? Just head back to our resources page and choose the option ” I would like to reflect”. If there is anything else you’d like to see here, please let us know.